Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Amazing Autumn Misi Blog Giveaway!!

Yipeee! Autumn is here! Ok not so much, yipee, as ~ oh where did summer go?
But never mind, it gives me an excuse to name the giveaway ~ The Amazing Autumn Misi Blog Giveaway.
And why is it amazing?
Because some of the wonderful, generous crafters at Misi have donated some AMAZING prizes!!

In no particular order we have the following prizes donated by lovely Misi people...

*A beautiful bracelet from Designs by Isis

*An adorable angel charm from Jolicious

*Stunning earrings from MornieG Jewellery

*A pretty bookmark from Talking Beads

*A delicious candle from The Pink Fairy Cake

(uh oh, I'm going to run out of AMAZING adjectives)

*A fabulously fluffy bag from Peggy's Knits

*A lovely lavender heart from Neate Crafts

*A heartwarming scarf from Pickled Pumpkins

*A helpful first aid kit and scissor holder from Carolyn's Creations

* A gorgeous Hair accessory from Julies Booties

* A funky flower keyring from FairlyGirly

* A pair of useful magnetic pegs from Made by Val

* A beautiful Hair accessory from Fairyqueen Jewels

* A fun fridge magnet from Kelso Kreations

* A cute little bunny from My Funny Bunny

* An adorable little bag from Mad about Bags

* A branded, very rare Misi bag from MISI

* A lovely shopping bag from Cutie Pie

* A beautiful bracelet from Delicate Sparkles

* Plush Purple Wristwarmers from Knitwits

* Very special Birthday Gift tags from Stitching for You

* A gorgeous little parcel of goodies from Looby Crafts

All these amazing (do you think I've said Amazing enough times yet?) prizes will be packaged into one big parcel for one lucky winner.

I have also held back a few small items for a second prize.

*An lovely snowflake charm from Jolicious

*A helpful notebook from Carolyn's Creations

*A cute mobile charm from The Beading Lady

* Beautiful Hair Accessories from SprinklesSparkles

Right, all you have to do to enter our little giveaway is either:

1) Visit one of the stores above and find a favourite item from one of them ~ now copy the link and post it on this blog's comments.


2) Go over to Misi and take a look at the Handmade Spots ~ this brings up a different page everytime you click it ~ take a look through a few pages and find something that really captures your interest or imagination ~ now copy the link and post it on this blog's comments.

Please add your username to your comment too. If you aren't already registered on Misi, please join ~ it's free and very easy. And Misi promises not to spam you!

If the winner happens to be one of the Amazing people who donated a prize then you will not receive your own prize back ~ it will be substituted with one of the second prize items.

Competition closes at 12 noon on Saturday the 26th September 2009, when I will throw everyone's names in a hat and get my hubby to pick the lucky winner.

Good luck


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    I love this.. so wish I didn't have metal allergies!

    Emma (Meg+Millie) x

  3. 1st page on Misi spots brought me up this quilt by Stella & i just love it!!

  4. I found this and it made me laugh! I know a few mums who would love this!'s_wooden_heart_plaque_hanger..html


    Thanks Helen, I love this pendant from Jolicious, so unusual


    I adore this something so unique and different!


    I love this

    Peggys Knits x

  8. I love this Tooth Fairy Cushion by Sew Scrumptious,
    always remember on one occasion not being able to remove the tooth and having to say that the tooth fairy had already collected enough that night, but still left the money ;-)

  9. I saw this lovely couple on the new MISI graphics and fell in love. Liblies @ Cutie Pie

  10. Absolutely wonderful giveaway!

    The Yellow Flower Kilt Pin from SprinklesSparkles is just delightful

  11. I just love this:

    Donna @ Delicate Sparkles

    I have had my eye on this for a while, it appeals to the girly bit of me and it looks very well made, If I buy it do you think she will pop in the wooden cotten reel!

  13. This hat from Pink Fairy Cake is now sitting in my wishlist, just waiting for me to treat myself.

  14. I cannot stop looking at the giveaway items! They are suberb!

    I love these Baby Crocs by The Pink Fairy Cake, if only I had a little person to wear them!

  15. I love this christmas stocking - the print reminds me of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs, whenever I see that I come over all christmassy!

    Grest prizes, whoever wins them will be very fortunate :-)...please let it be me!

  16. My fave item is this one

    What a gorgeous necklace. I found it on the Designs by Iris site.

    username on Misi is clairesims1978 by the way

  17. What a fabulous giveaway!!! Well done Helen! My fave item is the from the Pink Fairy Cake - I just love those baby crocs!:

    I will write about the giveaway in my next blog entry.
    Jo X

  18. My favourite:

    Don't you just love these mini totes - perfect for my daughter.

    This is a great prize for someone.

    username - lazydaisyglass

  19. I love this:

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  20. i like this think it would brighten any cold winters morning

  21. I looked at FairlyGirly and liked Kitten bookmark, so cute!
    KawaiiNeko2008 at aol dot com


    LOL. Love this one!

  23. Love this Sunshine Angel Bookmark by Talking Beads - - pretty!


    I love these gorgeous cakes!!

    Kim @ Kims Creative Crafts

  25. I love the fire necklace from MornieG Jewellery!

  26. I love this mug - it would sure brighten up a dull day.
    User name - blueboxstudio

  27. I'm going with Karine's crocs too!
    Definitely getting some of these for my friend when her little bundle arrives in November!


    I love the idea of having one of these little doors in the skirting board to let the fairies into my house :)

  29. I love this bag...
    Fun pattern!

  30. Toffee muffin wax melts...Mmmmmmm I love these :)

    (eastofthesunart aka Julia x)

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  32. I love this necklace ... Really unique and perfect for Autumn!

    (Misi Username: Naomi-Nay)



    Giggling Goblin

  34. These are so cute - this seller's crochet patterns are fab.

  35. I am now officially in love with this Jolicious green bracelet!

    Monica xxx

    MyFunnyBunny in Misi

  36. OK took me ages to do this sorry still learning!Followed from Twitter & am now a fan on Facebook also.
    hi to you all new member here and i have my feet warmly under the table!
    Found so many love things but i love this item:
    from Knit wits
    Would be fab for my new grandson who is still cooking at the moment!
    Misi Username:whitty999

  37. An gorgeous journal, I love hand made books:

    tinymoments in Misi


    Some lovely hedgehog booties there as well, so cute!

    SilverleafShinyStuff on Misi. :)

  39. I visited Delicate Sparkles shop and my favorite is the Glass Star Pendant - Red
    Thank you for the chance.
    dikatzen at yahoo dot fr

  40. This is a beautiful bracelet from Designs by Isis - I think I am going to put it on my Christmas list!

    But it was hard to decide - so many lovely things!

    Pomona x

  41. I love this bracelet from Jolicious

    Such a fab giveaway I follow you.

  42. I love this Orange Heart Necklace from heartstoppingdesigns it looks good enough to eat!

  43. Hmmm I posted somewhere I know I did.

    anyhoo here it is again


    I LOVE Bakewell Tarts! And what could be better than a house that smells of them too :)


  45. I love the Pink Fairy Cake's croc-like baby shoes, they're adorable... think I might have to get some for my imminent son!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  46. oooh so many lovely goodies to choose from but here's one that caught my eye -

    my username is cheryl59

  47. Look at this guy - he's fabulous!!:

    I love giveaways like this, not only cause there's a chance of fabby stuff but I always find great stuff looking around :)

    cathryn @ Medea Designs

  48. expressorize Ure Self -

    What more can I say....MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm


    gorgeous necklace

  50. Really misi donate a wonderfull prizes.I apprecite her work and i suggest her that she will do that things further in future. She is doing greate job for poor people.

    ds r4

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