Friday, 4 June 2010

Fabulous Friday... The Interview ~ Sparkly Things

Let's meet Carol... who is the crafter behind... Sparkly Things on MISI...

How did you get started in your particular craft and how long have you been doing it?
I've been making jewellery for about 6 years, I started not long after the birth of my daughter, I was looking for something to do as a hobby and jewellery has always been a passion. I started selling my jewellery when I realised I was running out of room to keep it and my wesite has been running for 4 years.

Are there any negative aspects to doing your craft and if there are how do you work around them?
There are so many wonderful jewellery makers out there and I worry that what I make does not compare, but everytime I get a sale or a compliment it always helps my confidence. Last week at my workplace, a few of the women there were looking at my website and there was a lot of 'oohs and aahs' going on, someone commented that it sounded like they were at a firework display.

What tips would you give to anyone thinking of starting your craft?
There are several jewellery making magazines out now, I think they are probably the best place to start, they're a mine of information for basic techiniques and also suppliers.

How did you find Misi?
It was actually mentioned in the Daily Express, a small piece about making money by selling crafts and after having a look around the site I thought I would give it a go.

What is your favourite item in your own Misi shop?
It would be the purple turquoise wrapped pendant, I'm pleased with how that came out and I do like a bit of purple.

What is your favourite shop on Misi (besides your own)?
Lots to choose from but I think I'll go with V B Designs, they're items are so unusual.

Random Facts about you:

What is your favourite season and why?
Spring, just as it's starting to warm up and you can get out of the house again after being stuck in during the winter.

What is your favourite food?
I'll give most things a try, Chinese maybe.

How many DVDs do you have?
I normally rent, but if I include the children's DVDs we have just over 50.

What is your favourite animal?
Cat, they like their independence.

What actor/actress would you NOT kick out of bed?
Richard Armitage, aka Lucas in Spooks or Guy of Gisburne in Robin Hood.

Thank you for chatting to us today Carol.
Visit Sparkly Things to see... well, more sparkly things :-)