Friday, 27 April 2012

Sunny MISI

I've been looking for some sunshine in this pouring rain.
Found some lovely warm sunshine on MISI

Hope you enjoyed the little taste of sunshine on MISI...

Friday, 20 April 2012

Makeover MISI

MISI has had a lovely fresh makeover.

Let's find some items on MISI that you could use for your own makeover...

Chocolate Happiness Facial Mask from

Vintage 1980's dress from

Handmade Flower Brooch from

Party Shoes from

Crystal and Sterling Silver set from

Thursday, 5 April 2012

MISI Maker - Josephines

My name is Shani, I’m married to a wonderful husband and a mother of 3 amazing boys and 1 beautiful daughter.
How I got into crafting: I believe it is in my blood. I was always very creative as a child my mum loved vintage jewellery that's where I got my creative flair from. My Misi shop Josephines which shares its title with my mothers name, "I remember as a young child how she loved to go to camden town; she said if you want something beautiful thats the place to find it." I have a love affair with vintage jewellery and enjoy mixing old and new designs, plus I like to add aspects of nature such as bees, birds and flowers.

My best sellers are my Honey Bee Earrings, Honey Bee Necklace, my Vintage Cameo Bird and Flower Necklace.
Customers just love the nature aspect and always get compliments on them.

As A Misi User~
A primary goal of any website should be to provide its visitors and users with a pleasant and fulfilling experience and, I can say "Misi is a very friendly user site" you can buy and sell unique Handmade gifts
from upcycled, new, vintage, Handmade soaps and much much more!

Misi also have a featured seller this is wonderful experiences for misi sellers/buyers, as well as latest Handmade gift and craft supplies.

Top Tip~
Find the sunniest location in your home to take pictures of your products, natural light is best and filtered sunlight because otherwise the shadows are too harsh!