Monday, 9 March 2015

Tips to Buying Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts - What to Get Mom When Your Time is Up

One of the advantages of still living with your parents is that you never forget the big days i.e. your mom's birthday, your dad's birthday, your parents' wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc. But once you're out and living on your own you're prone to forgetting these red letter days.
When it comes to buying gifts for the important people in your life; like your closest family members, a lot of suggestions that come your way include the phrase 'according to their interest' but what these suggestions fail to take into account is the fact that you may not of have seen your mom in over a month, the last time you talked to her was last week and you never really got on well with her when you were still living with your parents.
Of course none of this stops you from wanting to give your mom a superb gift on Mother's day because she is your mom and no matter what your differences were in the past, you still love her and appreciate all she's done for you your whole life. The major setback here is that you may not have an exact idea of what it is that your mom likes.

As a kid you never paid attention and things like home made crafts and flowers were a great hit with her so you never needed to think much about your mothers day gifts. Fast forward to today when you realize only a week in advance that mother's day is coming and you wonder what on earth you could possibly get your mom. It has to be something special because you don't know if she got a good valentine's Day gift and you were probably slightly less generous when you bought her Christmas gift but Mother's day is the day when it's just you and your mom.
Let's deal with the whole 'According to her interest' thing first. Lets say you're mom is interested in knitting or cooking. Does that mean you buy her a cookbook or the latest catalog for knitting patterns? It doesn't make for an appreciative, mother's day gift at all as much as it does for a birthday gift (and not a very good one). People will tell you to show appreciation for your mom on Mother's Day and they're pretty much spot on with that suggestion but the fact is that it can't be accomplished with cookbooks or knitting needles. Jewelry and flowers are not the answer either; because flowers are too cliche and jewelry doesn't communicate much sentiment except for the fact that you couldn't think of anything that your mom would like so you went with safest choice in the world.
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Monday, 2 March 2015

Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Teacher

Teachers play a great role in the society and in the life of every student. Giving a gift is a wonderful thing to do as it shows love, appreciation and care for your teacher. There are numerous occasions to give teachers a gift. There is his/her birthday, Teacher's Appreciation Week, etc.. So what are the best personalized gifts for a teacher?
Personalized Stationery: Your teacher makes use of different stationery daily. You can get pens, note pads, or writing pads with your teacher's name or initials monogrammed on it. This can be a perfect gift for your teacher.
Picture Frame: Get your teacher a personalized picture frame as a gift. A decorative photo frame or a thank you frame is a great gift to give. Include a message on it saying how much you thank him for what he taught you.
Customized Items: A personalized coffee mug, T-shirt, mouse pad, key chain is one of the best personalized gift ideas ever! In the coffee mug, for example, put a message like "You are the Best Teacher in the World!". This would really mean a lot to your teacher. He/She will treasure it for life.
Handmade Jewelry: If you are good at arts and crafts then making a handmade jewelry for your teacher will be a great idea! Make a handmade jewelry from wire, metal, beads or clay. This for sure will create a heartwarming gift.
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