Monday, 30 September 2013

DIY Ideas For Each Wall of Your Home

Have a bare wall in your house? Don’t succumb to wallpaper! The blank space is the perfect canvass for some DIY wall art and a great way to show off your creativity and crafting skills.

From Yarn art to a Giant Button, we've got something for every room of your house!

1. Living Room

DIY Nail & Yarn Wall Art: All you need to do is write down something you really love, grab your hammer, nails, and some pretty yarn, and make merry work of it! Hammering that many tiny nails into your wall is not for the faint of heart (or most renters), but I think the rewards for bravery are well worth it.

2. Bedroom

DIY Headboard With LEDs: Mood lights always help to create romantic ambiance in a bedroom. That’s why it’s a good idea to put them into a headboard. You can make it as large as you want and paint to match your decor.

3. Kitchen

Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board: If you are a meal planner, but you usually forget what you planned for, put together this super easy wipe-off menu board to keep track of what’s for dinner each night! 
The best part about this project is that it is SO easy to change the paper if you decide to change your decor, or if you just get tired of it. So you’ll really use it for years to come!

4. Bathroom

DIY Chalkboard Door: When it comes to redecorating the bathroom, a little elbow grease can save a ton of cash.
Everyday objects can become focal points in your bathroom if you look at them with an artist's eye.

5. Kids Room

Handpainted Tree: If you love contemporary and modern design, then this project is perfect for the kids room. It is neutral with simple lines, but  playful and girly.

6. Craft Room

Giant Button Wall Art: 
Made with a large wooden circle, this simple DIY decor project is perfect for adding a splash of color to a small corner of your 
craft room.
You could even use a variety of circles to create a whole wall of adorable colored buttons! 

7. Playroom

Scrabble Magnet Board: Magnetize a Scrabble board and the pieces. Display it and play day in and day out with another word-loving friends.

Happy Crafting!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Prepare Your Halloween Decorations

Halloween is coming and it is time to start the preparation of interesting decorations for the interior. This is a holiday that gives you the chance to take full advantage of your creativity. Whether it is a small table top decorations or chandeliers, you can do it quickly and with minimal cost.

Here are five interesting designs that can give you the inspiration to decorate your living room:

 1. Jack-o-lantern Chandelier Shade Covers 
 This is very attractive decoration and really inexpensive. You'll need is: craft paper, scissors, exacto knife, orange scrapbook paper and double sided scotch tape. .. Read More

 2. Halloween candle craft 
Decorate super adorable Halloween candles in just minutes .. Read More

 3. Felt Leaf Garland 
 Create a colorful felt leaf garland .. Read more

 4. Glitter Sphero Pumpkin Design 
Add a little bit of shine to this dark holiday by creating glam pumpkins .. Read more

Thursday, 26 September 2013

DIY Glow Jars Tutorial

Great Idea, isn’t it?

You can make them in 2 minutes and they are really cheap!
Use them instead of candles, on tables, walkaways, or just place them all over the house.

DIY Glow Jars Tutorial

For each glow jar you will need:

  • a jar
  • two Glow Sticks
  • scissors
  • rubber gloves
  • safety glasses

Grab two glow sticks and cut at one end. Make sure they are inside the jar when you cut them. Remeber to use rubber gloves because the liquid will get on your hands.

Shake each glow stick while holding inside jar until contents are empty. You will notice little pieces of what looks like plastic along with the liquid. It is actually some kind of glass, so be careful. You will dump these out later. You can mix and match different liquid colours. Add more if you want more glow but dont use too much because it won’t look nice.

Swirl liquid around the jar and dump out the little pieces of plastic.

That’s it. You’re done! Go and find a dark place and enjoy the glow! ( glow duration: about 1 hour - depends on the glow stick liquid  )

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

School Crafting – With Kids it is more fun

If you teach preschool, work with small children, or have little crafters at home, these fun monster crafts are a perfect project. For this project, kids will love creating the monster version of themselves. We had so much fun, we couldn’t stop. We had to make a monster version of each person in our family!

If you can’t tell, Dad is on the far left with the groovy mustache, followed by Mom with the goofy tongue, Miss Priss is in the middle with her mandatory “poofy skirt,” Little Buddy with the crazy eyes, and Sweet Baby with her binkie on the end.  That’s pretty much our family monsterized!
This is a pretty simple craft, but it younger children will require some assistance.  You’ll need a few fun craft supplies. My kit below came with plenty of paint, brushes, pipe cleaners, foam sheets, construction paper, scissors, markers,  and the ever favorite…googly eyes!

Really, imagination is the key with this craft. Start by wrapping a foam sheet or half sheet of construction paper around your juice box.  Use hot glue to secure the seams.
Then unleash your creativity together.  It’s nice to have a small mirror for kids to look at as they try to recreate themselves as monsters.

What kind of monsters would your family be?  Have fun crafting!

Monday, 23 September 2013

You Voted - Best Pattern Combination: Floral & Stripes

Mixing prints can be a somewhat tricky trend, which often result in wrong combinations that don't look that good. This is why most people say they'd never do it. But seriously, it can look amazing if done correctly!

We conducted a poll on our forum about your favorite pattern combination between the following print mixes: Stripes & Floral, Geometric & Chevron, Animal Print & Polka Dots and Checks & Stripes.. And the winner is .. Stripes & Floral Combination!

So we are giving you some tips on how to update your look and combine together the two of the hottest trends of 2013.

1. Keep it in the same color palette.
The key to mixing stripes and floral prints is to keep them in the same color palette. Pull colors from your floral print and pair it with an striped item with one or two of those colors.

2. Space the patterns out
There is no need to wear a patterned skirt with a patterned jacket, or top. Sometimes mixing a top or skirt with patterned shoes can create an ultimate chic style.

3. Use accessories wisely
Accessories can balance an outfit. Using a belt to break up two different patterned pieces can work really well, as can colored shoes or a neutral purse. Just be careful not to overdo it, because the focus of the outfit is the pattern, not the accessories.

4. Be yourself
Remember there are so many styles to find and wear - if one thing doesn't suit you then another will and if you want to try something different, you can.

If you have some extra tips you'd like to share, please write them in the comments below.