Wednesday, 25 September 2013

School Crafting – With Kids it is more fun

If you teach preschool, work with small children, or have little crafters at home, these fun monster crafts are a perfect project. For this project, kids will love creating the monster version of themselves. We had so much fun, we couldn’t stop. We had to make a monster version of each person in our family!

If you can’t tell, Dad is on the far left with the groovy mustache, followed by Mom with the goofy tongue, Miss Priss is in the middle with her mandatory “poofy skirt,” Little Buddy with the crazy eyes, and Sweet Baby with her binkie on the end.  That’s pretty much our family monsterized!
This is a pretty simple craft, but it younger children will require some assistance.  You’ll need a few fun craft supplies. My kit below came with plenty of paint, brushes, pipe cleaners, foam sheets, construction paper, scissors, markers,  and the ever favorite…googly eyes!

Really, imagination is the key with this craft. Start by wrapping a foam sheet or half sheet of construction paper around your juice box.  Use hot glue to secure the seams.
Then unleash your creativity together.  It’s nice to have a small mirror for kids to look at as they try to recreate themselves as monsters.

What kind of monsters would your family be?  Have fun crafting!


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