Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Guest Blogger ~ Maisielu

Our guest blogger today is Amanda from Maisielu.

Why I Blog?

When thinking of a subject for the Misi blog I thought it it would be interesting to discuss why we blog at all. What use are these internet diaries that people talk about?

When I first considered doing my hobby as a job, it was happening upon craft blogs that give me the courage to go for it. I started blogging at the same time as putting my items on Misi, but found it difficult at first thinking , why would anyone care about my life, goals or hopes for the future?

Not having written full sentences since college I found the actual writing really hard, and I was always the girl who ends up fogetting/losing her diary so keeping it up to date became an issue.

But then you get some followers, and comments and then sales, and Pow you’re hooked. I am.

What can blogging do for me?

*Creating a blog can give you a space of your own to interact, learn and create on. And even better people can find you there, my blog was picked up on Google long before any of my shops were.

*It’s really easy to set up through sites like Live Journal, Typepad, Blogger, Myspace, or Wordpress you easily go through the process.

Then when you’ve got used to it. its easy to adjust to your style, and best of all most are free.

*It can create a valuable record of your creative process, in todays mass produced socity its inportant to have a record of where your ideas came from.

If someone copies your designs you can refer them back to your dated blog and ask them to remove the item from sale.

* Add pictures, if you make something show the potential new owner how much work has gone into the piece, its nice to see how your piece was made rather than thinking of it being mass produced in a factory somewhere abroad.

If you don’t like writing as the saying goes “a picture says a thousand words”.

*Its a great way of archiving your work, pictures and ideas to refer to at any time or place, if you lose your computer data you’ll still have the information on your blog.

*It’s a great way of connecting with others and gaining feedback.

I hope this inspires you to set up your own blog, and remember if you do shout about it, let everyone on Misi know so we can find you.

And most of all, enjoy it.

Amanda .x.

Thank you Amanda ~ come on crafters ~ get blogging!

If anyone would like to do a guest blog or be featured on the Misi Blog Fab Fridays ~ please message Helen through Misi.


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