Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tutorial: DIY Jewelry Organizer with Plastic Canvas

DIY Jewelry Organizer
Tutorial: DIY Jewelry Organizer with Plastic Canvas
It's a great and easy DIY for Valentine's Day and not only! You can use different canvas/frames for different occasion or just any design you like and use it everyday as your organizer (hang keys, notes, accessories, jewelery, etc.)
Close up DIY Jewelry organizer
Project estimate:
  • Heart Frame, 
  • Paint, on hand
  • Dimensional Magic, on hand or about 
  • Plastic Canvas, on hand or 
  • Glue, on hand

step 1
Step one:  Paint the wood heart frame.
step 2
Step two:  Cut the plastic canvas to fit the frame and spray paint it.
Step three:  Apply Dimensional Magic to the heart frame.
step 3
Step four:  When everything is dry, glue the plastic canvas onto the back of the frame.
Jewelry Organizer DIY
You could add pegs or hooks to the frame to be able to hang jewelry, keys o anything you might think of if you want to.  
Happy crafting! :)
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