Monday, 27 April 2015

Twitter can be a fun way to promote your handmade products

Twitter is a platform for sending short messages (140 characters) out to people who 'follow' you. You can use Twitter to build relationships with other people who share your interests and promote your handmade business. This lens is all about how to use Twitter to promote yourself and your work, have fun doing it, and not being spammy.
Twitter lets you build relationships between you and the people who follow you. You can let them know more about yourself and your business and get feedback from other people who also sell their handmade goods.

How to make your profile more distinctive.1: Pick a name related to your business, if at all possible use your business name. 
2: Make your full name visible. Face it, if you're running a business people need to know your name and trying to be totally anonymous online will probably hurt your business.
3: You only have 160 characters for your bio, make it good. Don't just say you're name, tell at least a little about what your create too.4: Don't forget to add your website. This could be your Misi shop but if you have a blog or other website you should use that also. Twitter is about building relationships so it's better to send people visiting your profile to a site that says more about you than directly to your store.

Announce when new products are listed. If you've just listed one item post a direct link to it but if you are listing more than 2 or 3 items in a day wait until you're finished for the day then announce with a link to your shop.
2: Announce sales and promotions. If you're having a sale announce it once or twice during the day, not every few minutes or every hour. You don't want to flood your followers.

Here are the type of people you want to follow for promotion (other than personal friends, family, or celebrities, of course follow them if you want but that's for fun not business). Find them by browsing forums you frequent, blogs, and using the twitter search. Also make sure you check out the profiles of people who follow you and follow them back if they look interesting. I wouldn't recommend auto-following everyone who follows you, there are spammers on twitter and you don't want to get flooded with spam posts.1) People who also sell handmade products. Even if they aren't in the same niche as you.
2) People interested in your niche


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