Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Guest Blogger ~ Sunrise Cards

A few years ago my friend asked me to make a card for a relative who had just lost her sight , at first I didn't know where to start but then thought about all the different textures we could use to make it as tactile as possible.
I wanted to make it so that she could get as much enjoyment out of feeling the card as a sighted person would by looking at it.
I also managed to find a site that taught me about braille so that I could include that on my cards.
We sell our braille cards in an online shop set up by a man who lost his sight and does a lot of fundraising work.
he gave us a braille labeller to start us off and helps us to sell our cards
I have attached the three cards that we have made for my friends relative over the last three years.

Tracy and Paul ~ Sunrise Cards


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