Friday, 11 May 2012

Hints and Tips for Selling your crafts Online

Just placing your items onto a marketplace isn't enough.  Sales require hard work and organisation to get your items noticed.
Here are a few tips to help:

*  Photos - you really have to get to grips with your camera and find out how it works. People can't pick up your item to look at it so you have to show them all aspects with good, clear, in focus photos. Just K Jewellery

*  Make sure you don't price yourself too low when starting out. It is a lot harder to put your prices up than it is to bring them down.  Research prices for similar items on the iternet.

*  Use the various social media sites to market yourself: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blog, Pinterest.  Add these to your weekly timetable.  Make sure you and your shop are known around the internet.

*  Descriptions: remember that the search engines can't see the photos so make sure you describe it in detail when writing the description and tags. Just K Jewellery

* Policies. Make sure you have policies on each and every listing. Buyers want the reassurance and sometimes won't buy because you haven't listed your policies on postage and returns.  Remember that by law, you must accept returns.

* Forums: Go on the MISI forum (and other internet forums), discuss your items, other people's items, how hard it is selling handmade in a disposable society, whatever takes your fancy, but make sure you leave the occasional link to your items.  

* Spread out your listing times: ie List one item every day/every 2nd day.  This means they have a better chance of being seen in the Newly Listed section.

* Remember that MISI is like a huge shopping mall, what is special about your items/your shop that will get you noticed?  What will make people want to visit your shop over another crafters?  Shout about it!

*  Make sure your shop details/paypal details/prices/descriptions are all filled in and correct.

Do you have any other suggestions/ideas for online selling?


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