Monday, 10 March 2014

DIY ~ Flower Pillow For Mother's Day

This is truly unique and unconventional way to give flowers to your mother!

DSC020351 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)

Supplies Needed:

fabric (linen here)
sewing machine
zipper (if desired)

Step 1:

Create your “petals”. 
Cut out a half-circle template out of cardstock. Place on a double layer of fabric and cut. Take your two layers of fabric and stitch around the curve.

DSC01996 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)DSC01997 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)
Step 2: Take sew petals and turn inside out. Press flat. Take petals and arrange your first layer on your pillow fabric.
DSC02000 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)DSC02002 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)
Step 3: Stitch petals down to fabric. Repeat for second layer of petals.
DSC02003 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)DSC02004 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)
Step 4: Continue creating petals and attaching them to pillow front. Here we did 5 layers total, and, for layers 2-4, we cut down the template and made the petals slightly smaller. Then cut down the template further for the fifth and final layer.
DSC02011 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)DSC02019 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)
Step 5: Almost there! Now you are ready to create your flower’s center. We did this by taking small circles of fabric and folding them once (into a half circle) and again (folding them into a cone shape). Either hot glue or sew your petals shut. Take your petals and hot glue them into a circle onto a small piece of fabric. Once your outer circle is complete, continue layering and working into the center of the circle.
DSC02014 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)DSC02020 300x225 shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)
Step 6: Glue or stitch your flower’s center onto your pillow fabric. Lastly, sew your pillow together in the method of your choice!

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