Thursday, 13 March 2014

DIY : Mother's Day Mini-Book Gift Idea

This is a tutorial on how to make a mini-book for you mother, since Mother's Day is approaching, you don't want to forget her day!

I made it pocket-size, 2"x3.5" (also business card size). I made a list of 10 things (of course there are way more than 10:)) that I wanted to include in the book. I designed some cards with the numbers 1-10 on them (see below) and then went through my stash of paper, old magazines, etc. to find images/papers to cut out to also go in the book. I found images/papers that relate to memories or characteristics about my mama. For example: I found a picture of lighthouses- one of my favorite memories from my childhood was going to the beach with my family and seeing a lighthouse. I also cut out sheet music because my mama would sing to us, and some retro-kitchen-ey paper- she loves to cook (and is an amazing one at that:)), as well as some old sewing pattern paper because I remember being amazed that she could sew and mend our clothes. :) To have a few more papers mixed in with my "10 Things", I recycled some old thank you notes, writing paper, and even cut up some used security envelopes(security envelopes come in all sorts of patterns and colors!). I wanted to put these in to glue pictures to, jot extra notes or memories on, etc.
Want to make your own? Below are the cards I designed to use in the book. Simply click on the image to enlarge it, right click, save and print. The gray lines are the cutting guides, and the circle in the upper left hand corner is where you hole-punch it.

All you need is:
+ Cardstock to print the cards on
+ A hole punch
+ A binder/jump ring (available at your local craft or office supplies store) -- or your could use ribbon!
+ A pen to write with
+ Pictures

You can also use these cards for any loved one in your life- they don't necessarily have to be only for Mother's Day. :) Enjoy! :)


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