Tuesday, 18 November 2014

5 Ideas For Inexpensive Christmas Crafts

Okay so this year you want to have a "hand made Christmas" but you need ideas for inexpensive Christmas crafts that will fit into your time and money budget. Well read on and I'll give you a head start over all the other elves out there.

Here are 5 holiday crafts that are easy to make and a joy to give to friends, relatives, and neighbors.

1. Hand Bound Christmas Cookbook - Hand stamp heavy (colored) construction cardboard and use ribbon or lace to wrap that around recipes that you print on pre-punched paper using your computer/printer.

Hand Stamped Christmas Cards - Use your holiday decorative stamping tools to create personalized Christmas cards that are guaranteed to stay on the mantle longer than the ones from the store.

. Framed Children's Artwork - If your children don't end up making any Christmas related artwork at school this year, help them make it at home and then purchase some plain picture frames on sale at a crafts store, and (optionally) custom decorate the frames if you think they might further enhance your child's art.

Homemade Cookie Mix - Make your families favorite holiday cookie mix (sans the liquid and soft ingredients), put it in a decorative jar, add instructions for mixing/baking and you've got and instant Christmas hit!

Favorite Christmas Quote - Embroider your favorite Christmas/inspirational quote on a handkerchief or kitchen towel and make a gift that will become a conversation piece and is bound to become something that is passed down from generation to generation.

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