Friday, 14 November 2014

Crafting Handmade Chocolates and Sweets

Crafting handmade chocolates and sweets is a good idea if you want to give gifts or make something special for your family. Tired of your usual desserts, then this is a good alternative to your average candy or chocolate bars!

1. When making handmade chocolates, you will have to learn how to select your ingredients. You can drop by at a local chocolate supply store and purchase the items by bulk. This way, you get more at half the price compared to the pure chocolates sold at grocery stores. If you want to make handmade sweets, like candies, the same thing will apply when selecting your ingredients. To make things easier, know what to make first. Once you have a clear idea; that is when you can start making purchases. Chances are, if it's your first time in making handmade sweets, you have a tendency to horde supplies and once you get home, you are surrounded with supplies and ingredients, you are not sure if you'll use them, anyway. Make a list first to make things organized.

2. If you plan to make handmade sweets made from chocolates, the kitchen tools that you'll need are: double boiler, candy thermometer, wooden or rubber spatula, and bowls. If you plan to put some nuts, oatmeal, or fruits in your handmade sweets, you can use a food processor or a mortar and pestle to crush and grind these ingredients.

3. Once you are ready with your ingredients, melt the chocolate in the double boiler. If you want to make candies, you will need to do the same process with the option of using a double boiler. But for chocolates, it would be best to use a double boiler to avoid having the ingredients get burned. Slowly stir the ingredients at low fire.

4. If you are done melting your handmade chocolate, it is optional if you want to put the other ingredients in. But if you do, pour the ingredients one at a time and slowly stir to mix all the items in the double boiler.

5. Some would put liquor or fruit or herb essences in the mix. If you do, do it at the last part of the process and stir the mixture well. Now that you are done with the mixing, put your double boiler in a different surface and let it cool first. Once the mixture has cooled, pour them in fun containers or molds. Take note, for the cooling process; don't let the chocolates stand for a long time. The same thing when it goes to other handmade sweets. You can also put your chocolates in an airtight container and put it in the fridge for later consumption.

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