Friday, 27 September 2013

Prepare Your Halloween Decorations

Halloween is coming and it is time to start the preparation of interesting decorations for the interior. This is a holiday that gives you the chance to take full advantage of your creativity. Whether it is a small table top decorations or chandeliers, you can do it quickly and with minimal cost.

Here are five interesting designs that can give you the inspiration to decorate your living room:

 1. Jack-o-lantern Chandelier Shade Covers 
 This is very attractive decoration and really inexpensive. You'll need is: craft paper, scissors, exacto knife, orange scrapbook paper and double sided scotch tape. .. Read More

 2. Halloween candle craft 
Decorate super adorable Halloween candles in just minutes .. Read More

 3. Felt Leaf Garland 
 Create a colorful felt leaf garland .. Read more

 4. Glitter Sphero Pumpkin Design 
Add a little bit of shine to this dark holiday by creating glam pumpkins .. Read more


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