Wednesday, 11 February 2009

On the blogging bandwagon

Well MISI (Make it Sell it) is quicky approuching the 1,000 seller mark
and to celebrate I felt it was about time we entered into the world of blogging

MISI (“Make It Sell It”) is tipped to become the UK’s biggest online craft marketplace. Home crafters use the website to set up their own online shops and sell their creations. MISI has grown to more than 950 sellers and is now generating more than 4,000 unique visitors every week.

It’s free to join. Sellers can choose to either create a whole store of just sell one-off items. Charges are 20p per listing (irrespective of the quantity or price of the item) plus 3% on sale of the item when it sells.

MISI’s mission is to challenge the role of the high street by introducing the people who buy directly to the people who make. It is the brainchild of keen crafter and web developer Emma Hogg.

Emma explains: “Home crafting touches lots of topical themes and it is taking off in a big way! Buyers enjoy finding high quality, good value items with a personal touch.”

MISI sellers are already offering everything from jewellery to furniture, with prices ranging from a couple of pounds to a couple of thousand pounds.

What might you create that you could sell on MISI?
Misi Facebook Group


  1. Yay, welcome to the blogging world Misi!

  2. Nice to see you in blogland,
    I am "Panic Tuesday" on MISI. :0)x

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