Friday, 26 February 2010

Fabulous Friday... The Interview ~ SP Jewellery

Let's meet Sharon from SP Jewellery...

How did you get started in your particular craft and how long have you been doing it?
I first started making jewellery at school in my Textiles classes - so I would have been about 14 or 15 which is 16 years ago. My teacher had boxes of tumble polished gemstones in the store cupboard - I started stripping electric cables for the copper wire and used that with the stones...
I have always crafted as a hobby, but after I left my job 10 years ago when I had a breakdown I needed to fill my time and also make money as work wasn't an option so I started selling my stuff!

Are there any negative aspects to doing your craft and if there are, how do you work around them?
The worst thing is that it is quite isolating for me, I am at home by myself most of the time - but it is something I have got used to :( friendly places like the Misi forums are literally a life saver for me!

What tips would you give to anyone thinking of starting your craft?
As jewellery is so competitive my main advice would be to try and be a little different, or specialise in something so hopefully you get a name for yourself for that particular thing...

How did you find Misi?
I was invited back in the beginning by Emma, I listed a few things and left them up for a while, but started listing properly last November.

What is your favourite item in your own Misi shop?
I like these earrings because they are a bit different to what I usually do and took me ages!

What is your favourite shop on Misi (besides your own)?
Bodrighy and ArtbyMimi these are the 2 I've spent most time looking at...I'm just waiting for a day when I have enough money to buy from either!!!

Random Facts about you:

What is your favourite time of day?
late evening - it's when I am most productive (don't ever ask me to do anything in the morning)

What is your favourite chocolate?
I don't eat much chocolate - but aeros are nice - milk or mint.

What is your favourite colour?
orange / red / green, everything should be brightly coloured - I recently painted my bathroom what I thought was pale lime green but it is almost fluorescent - we're just starting to get used to it.

What is your all-time favourite movie?
Lord of the Rings

What actor/actress would you NOT kick out of bed?
I'm a bit boring, I'm not really interested in anyone famous....Rupert (my bf) is quite enough for me!

How many DVDs do you have?
I have 147 DVDs, I did have more but sold some on Amazon before Christmas to raise some cash :)

Thank you Sharon. For more examples of Sharon's creative talent ~ visit SP Jewellery on Misi.


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