Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Guest Blogger ~ LiveWire Jewellery

The trials and tribulations of the frustrated but endlessly enthusiastic crafter

So first a confession, I’m not a very arty, crafty, creative type! I never have been. At school I was more into sports (and boys!), I enjoyed trying out art and craft but I never really pursued it and I certainly didn’t show any great promise! So it’s funny now that as I’m writing this in my studio I’m surrounded by boxes of beads, gemstones, ribbon, metal, pliers, hammers…

It all snowballed rather quickly, one day I bought a couple of beads to match an outfit for a wedding and managed to make a pair of earrings after cannibalising another shop bought pair and then a few tools followed, a few more beads, a bit of wire, some leather cord, a few more beads…it didn’t take long for me to develop some kind of magpie like obsession with shiney, sparkly, beautiful beads so if you see someone hunched over trays of beads, scuttling back and forth, already weighed down with materials that’s probably me!

But it’s not just about the shiney beads (or gorgeous fabric or whatever your addiction is) it’s that whole process from start to finish, the fantastic idea, the problems and setbacks that always plague the crafter and then the glorious finished item! I think it satisfies some deep urge in us to use our hands in a really practical way especially if, like me, you’re still waiting to give up the nine to five (you certainly don’t get the same satisfaction from filing away some paperwork!)

And that is what I think connects us all, the very essence of what we do, the ‘handmade’, not from some factory churning out thousands of the same item. It’s made with love and passion, with paper cuts and fingers super-glued together, with hundreds of failed attempts and sighs of frustration, endless cups of tea and some late nights, it’s all those half finished projects lingering guiltily in a box and the thrill of your first sale. So fellow crafters be proud of your work and make sure you tell everyone, ‘I made that!’

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  1. I totally know where you are coming from. I started with just a few beads and now have half a room of beads that I will probably never be able to use up. But I still want MORE!!!

  2. i only have a box of beads but i only play a little with the beads i have a 5 draw tower full of stuff for cards then down the sides in boxes next to the tower as you said its like being a magpie i have loads of things but i still see lots of things i want to buy

  3. 'fingers super-glued together' - I hear that! Nice post :)