Friday, 5 March 2010

Fabulous Friday... The Interview ~ ArtbyMimi

I love our next crafter's bold style ~ introducing Amy from ArtbyMimi.

How did you get started in your particular craft and how long have you been doing it?
To tell you the truth I can't remember when I first started. All my childhood memories are of: apron on, paintbrush in hand and just genially having fun making a mess. The amount of times mum has come home to find the kitchen in a mess because I’ve decided to do paper and mache after school. Even now, some random idea just pops into my head and I’m there till early hours in the morning painting and drawing away.
But the first time I tried my hand at doing art professionally was in 2005. I first sold my paintings on Ebay and then I got into craft fairs and still fully enjoy it.
It’s literally in my blood, my Granddad painted and drew and so does my dad. For all it’s worth, I would never turn my back on it, as it’s all I’ve ever known.

Are there any negative aspects to doing your craft and if there are how do you work around them?
The blocks! It can be very frustrating when you’ve got an idea and you just can't get it down onto paper or canvas.
To get around it I turn to something else but if that doesn’t work, then take a break. It’ll return in time.
A few years back I used to draw and draw and draw. Dragons mostly. But then a lot of things happened in my personal life, one after another and it flew up a huge brick wall. I found myself not able to get anything onto paper.
So after a few frustrating months I turned to painting and found after a little while, I found my escape from this cell. Instead of drawing fantasy, I painted landscapes.
It’s been 5 years since but I am now finding as I’m moving on in my personal life, my drawing and painting are as well. I am pleased to find this year; not only my old style is returning but it is also evolving. I have produced 4 paintings so far this year and I love it!

What tips would you give to anyone thinking of starting your craft?
If your heart is in it and feel it’s the right thing for YOU, do it!

How did you find Misi?

I was told about it one day when my mum came home from work, telling me she found an interesting site at lunchtime.
I have been searching for a site where I could sell my work, not have to battle to get my work noticed but also UK base as the exchange sometimes put people off. So Misi was a fantastic solution.
I have been on another site before Misi and I didn’t get half the views and not one 10th of the sales as I do on Misi. The friendly community and strong support is an added bonus. So glade I was introduced.

What is your favourite item in your own Misi shop?
Hmm…that’s a hard one as it changes but right now I couldn’t bare for anything horrible to happen to my first painting created in this new year, ‘Mother’s Love’. I’m no mother but it just says a lot to me and I hope, for anyone else who sees it.

What is your favourite shop on Misi (besides your own)?

Again another hard question…I use a variety of shops for friends and family’s cards and gifts but if I had to choose it’ll be Spratsie. She did a brilliant sculpture of Ginny (my black giant rabbit) and me and I will treasure it for many, many years to come.

Random Facts about you:

What is your favourite place to eat?
There’s a small, traditional cafĂ© down in St.Ives called Bumbles. Sadly there are not many cafes like Bumbles left now in St.Ives but I hope Bumbles never disappears.
Or a BBQ on the beach is always fun.

What is your favourite chocolate? I like all chocolates but I just found fruit and nut Toblerone recently. YUM!

What is your favourite time of day?
About 10pm

What is your favourite place that you have lived? I have lived in two places in my life: Bromsgrove and St.Ives in Cornwall, so defiantly Cornwall as I’m a country girl at heart.

What is your all-time favourite movie?
I have only just seen Avatar and it was AMAZING! I only wish I could go see it in 3D now.

What actor/actress would you NOT kick out of bed? Hmmm…this is even harder than all the questions above combined! LOL! David Tennant, Jensen Ackles or Will Smith? Hmmm….LOL!

Thank you Amy. Beautiful paintings by the talented ArtbyMimi on Misi.


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