Tuesday, 25 June 2013

9 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

It's the thought behind the gift that counts, but when that gift arrives in a beautifully hand wrapped package it's a bit more special. Receiving a fabulously wrapped gift doesn't just build up anticipation for the gift inside, it adds to the gift as a whole.
If you're looking to push your holiday gifts to the next level this year you might want to take a look below!

1. Decorate your wrapping paper using the art of hand stamping. You can create your own stamp with a printmaking block or save some cash and use an eraser.

2. Have you ever thought of sewing your own gift wrap... from pages from an old book? It's simpler than you may think. You can also use wallpaper, old maps or Sunday comics.

3. With the help of your computer and a printer, your gift paper can do all the talking.

4. Scissor out illustrations from old greeting cards and paste to plain stock paper for creative garnishes.

5. If you're an anti-bow person, the woven paper topper may be the right gift wrap idea for you. It's a unique gift topper... and a quick fix to any bad wrapping job!

6. Bright construction paper becomes an offbeat ribbon with the help of a hole punch and some double-sided tape.

7. A gorgeous fresh flower attached with double-sided tape and a satin ribbon adds a feminine touch.

8. Short on paper? Reuse colorful plastic bags. Triple-bag the gift, knot together the handles, then cut the tops of the loops and fan out the pieces.

9. Make a plain white paper look more luxurious! Tie a dark-color bow on it or even new kind of bow: bow-tie pasta, cinched with simple string.


  1. These are good ideas. If I'm giving money I like to try and wrap it up somehow rather than just put it in a card - covered matchboxes or mint tins work well. Also did a fairy castle once when I was giving my sister baking stuff. Rolling pin tower and pastry cutter turrets - just work with the shapes.