Friday, 28 September 2012

MISI Maker Feature - Gifts by Little Miss

Our MISI Maker today is... Corinna from Gifts By Little Miss.

What is your shop's name and how did you decide on it?
Shop name is Gifts By Little Miss, it did take a while to decide. Originally it was Little Miss Sew but as my business has progressed and my range has grown including Little Miss Soap, Little Miss Bath Bomb and Little Miss Candle it is now Gifts By Little Miss.

How did you get started in your particular craft and how long have you been doing it?
I first started my business about a year and a half ago, I wanted to be a stay at home Mum so I could work around my family, school runs etc. I enrolled on a dressmaking course in 2009, as I was interested in making dance costumes for my daughter but then realised how tricky it was so I turned my newly found skills into home, hand sewn gifts after taking a modern textiles course. I got into making soaps then bath bombs and candles just because I love girlie, pretty smelling, treats. Thought I could turn my hand to them too, to compliment my range.

Are there any negative aspects to doing your craft and if there are how do you work around them?
Negative aspects - sometimes can be time consuming, when it comes to my Little Miss Sew gifts, dont get much money in return for what I have put in as people dont appreciate how long items take to make and also have to keep a large supply of the same fabrics, how I work around is to make items with not too much fabric, cut out in bulk etc and making soaps, bath bombs and candles, alot of tidying up.

What tips would you give to anyone thinking of starting your craft?
For all the crafts, whether it be sewing, soap, bath bomb or candle making I would suggest the following tips, patience and believe in yourself. Dont cut corners, wont be done properly. Lots and lots of practice, my soap and bath bomb recipes have took a long time to get right, all your hard work does pay off in the end. I love doing what I do, being creative, working around my children and family commitments and the self worth when I get sales is a massive buzz.

How did you find MISI?
I found Misi through Google search, I was looking at other ways to sell my products online.

What is your favourite item in your own MISI shop?
Favorite item in my own Misi shop is Cupcake Bath Bombs, such a treat and good fun.

What is your favourite shop on Misi (besides your own)?

Favorite Misi shops are Minxtures and Fluff & Fuzz.


Random Facts about you:

What is your favourite season and why?
Summer is definately my favorite season, love to feel warmth of sun, am abit of a sun worshipper, all the bright colours, pretty clothes, spending time with the family outdoors, being able to hang the washing on the line and to watch our Guinea Pigs nibble on the grass.

What is your favourite food?
Pizza and Chocolate are my fav food, although not together!

How many DVDs do you have?
Got so many DVD's, mostly children's ones. (Blaming the kids of course)

What is your favourite animal?
Horses have always been my fav animal, have recently got back into riding after many years of been away from it.

What actor/actress would you NOT kick out of bed? 
Jesse Metcalf ( from Dallas and Desperate Housewives) is very yummy, him or Jason Statham I certainly wouldnt kick either outta bed!! 

Thank you for chatting with us Corinna.  Stop by Gifts by Little Miss for some gorgeous treats!


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