Thursday, 15 August 2013

social media tips & a bonus feature for you to generate engagement on your MISI shop

Have you introduced your misi shop in social media? If you haven't we strongly suggest that you do. Social media is a communication channel that is free and you should use it in order to promote your MISI handcrafter's shop.
Engagement is the first goal and most probably sales will follow. Remember that the key is to make your audience to love your brand, so be pleasant, share valuable info about your products, and follow these tips.

1. Blog
Your blog can help you sell your items by driving traffic to your shop. It can also help your customers connect with you and know you better. Write about your items and your work, but don’t stay there! For example, if you sell jewellery, you can write about fashion news or tips on what accessory to wear with a summer dress. Just try to be yourself and pick topics that interest you and your customer. 

2. Facebook
Facebook is very popular among the other social media networks for online retailers to get more sales online. Create your Facebook page and list all your products that are for sale. Keep your page active by regularly posting about your work, business news, offers and share some useful information. Engage with your community with contests, games and surveys. Don't forget to share your work on MISI’s Facebook Page for further engagement.

3. Twitter
Twitter is a great way to broadcast your current specials. Use it to tweet interesting or unusual facts about your business or products and provide a link to that product page on your site. Also, tweet pictures related to you or your business to your Twitter followers. 

4. Pinterest
This social network is great for visual promotion. Pin the things you love and make a pin board just for your own work. Pins are easy to share and sharing will help your work get some wider exposure. Extra tip: Price-tag your items and have them in gifts section as a result, so it makes it clear its about a selling item.

5. Forum
Another good way to attract targeted leads is through online forums. Forums are great because most of them focus on single topics. For instance, if you sell art, it would be a good idea to look for a forum about art. Once you’ve found the forum, you can contribute to the discussion and include your store’s link in the signature of your posts. Just remember to contribute valuable information to the forum because no one likes a spammer. 
MISI has also a great forum with a friendly community that is always willing to help you and chat about interesting topics. Feel free to take part in discussions and of course to show off your products and attract new customers.

Bonus Tip: we have lately introduced a new feauture on Twitter and It's called "Twitter Card. By tweting a url link of any Misi shop product you will have a complete product description and image like the one you see here below


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