Friday, 30 May 2014

Opening a store on Misi (or any other online platform) is rather the beginning than the end of your efforts to sell online

Think like if you have opened a brick and mortar store on a street at your hometown! It is no difference!

A traditional store, requires some work from your side. First you decorate your store, to make it attractive to the buyers- same is true for your online store! A nice Background, a nice AVATAR, an attractive shop banner- all the above contribute to have a nice online store!

You make a nice store front with a beautifully decorated window, which will catch the eye of the people on the street and make them to walk in- same on your online store! You should have lots of photos! This is your window- this is what the potential buyer will see! This is what will attract him/her to start buying.

Imagine that you open your brick and mortar shop, and you place on your window only one or two items! How it will look like? And imagine that this items does not show well, the light is bad, they are small and far away from the window front. Same is true on your online store! You must have a lot of pictures, nice pictures, proper light, proper size, for the potential buyers to be attracted.

However, do you stop there? Is this all you will do for your traditional store? Of course not! You will not open your store, sit inside, and wait for the customers to walk in! Instead, you will start advertising it! You will go around and spread the word that you have a store! First in your own neighborhood, and then you will tell your friends, siblings, and everybody you will meet out there! You will go to gatherings, family meetings, classmate reunions, exhibitions, fairs, and you will promote your store!

Same for your online store. Only here, online, you will have the Social Media and the Search Engines to work with. However, believe me; it is no different from the real life out there.

You will meet people online, and you will bring them on your online store! In addition, when you will bring them, make sure that they will like your store (see above).

Be natural and consistent, these are the great tools to succeed online (as it is to succeed off line)

Here on MyMisi, we publish several tips and advice to help you. Read them, and try to do your best. Success is not happening instantly, needs time and effort.

The only difference between your traditional store and your online one, is that online you can meet far more people than off line. Follow some simple rules, for your virtual store, exactly as you would have done on your brick and mortar store, and you will be amazed from the success.

We are here to help. Leave a comment, ask a question, and we will come back to you asap.



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