Wednesday, 15 May 2013

4 Ways With Doll Pegs

Add a little girly charm to your big day décor with these 4 easy and lovely ideas :

1. It's got your name on it
Paint your peg with acrylic paint to match your colour scheme, then write your guest’s name on using a thin marker pen. If you’re feeling even more creative, play around with colour combinations or write just their initials for a quirky take on place cards. 

 2. The bride & groom
For the groom: use a black marker pen to colour the bottom half of the peg, to make trousers, then add a strip of ribbon for the waist and stick on a small bow for the bow tie.

For the bride: cut a triangular shape of material, wrap around the peg and secure with glue. Add ribbon for a sash and bow. Use your marker pen to dot the eyes.

3. Message to you
Paint your pegs in colours and patterns to suit your theme – polka-dots and painted dolls look super cute for a kitsch, retro do. For the dolls; paint in the blouse and collar shape then use a marker pen for the buttons bow tie, hair and eyes.

4. Gifts for girls
Stick Washi tape around the top half of the peg for the blouse, and wrap folded crêpe paper around the bottom half to create the skirt, before gluing in place. Add a small bow to the front. For the wings, curl a pipe cleaner into a figure of eight, twist in the middle and glue into place.


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