Thursday, 9 May 2013

4 Lovely DIY Camera Straps Projects

1. Leather and Chain Link Camera Strap

-Purse strap with attached snap hoop
-Jump rings
-Cable-Ink chain
-Swivel lobster clasp

Step 1: Cut two 9-inch lengths of cable-link chain with jewelry wire cutters.

Step 2: Using pliers, link two 8-millimeter jump rings, then attach one of them to an end of one chain. Repeat with two more jump rings at the other end of the chain.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 with four more jump rings and the second chain.

Step 4: Snap open the hoops at either end of the purse strap. Attach a chain to each hoop by sliding one of the chain's outermost jump rings onto the hoop. Snap both hoops closed.

Step 5: Using pliers, connect a 32-millimeter swivel lobster clasp to the jump ring at the end of each chain. Finally, fasten those clasps to your camera and start clicking.

2. Toy Camera Strap

- Needle nose pliers
- Clasps
- Copper wire
- Safety pin
- Leather cord

Step 1: Cut cord into 3 pieces, attach one end with safety pin to something stable (I used an armchair) & braid until desired length. I made mine 35 inches.

Step 2: Slip ends through clasp.

Step 3: Fold over & wrap excess with copper jewelry wire. I used the pliers to clamp ends down (so I don't get poked) & I trimmed the excess leather.

Step 4: TA-DA!!! Now you have a super simple cute camera strap!

3. Chain Camera Strap

- 2 m of strong but lightweight bronze chain
- 2 sliplock buckles
- 50cm of strong nylon webbing
- E6000 glue
- Scissors

Step 1: Cut the nylon webbing in half.

Step 2: Slide one end of the nylon webbing through the camera strap holder on the camera.

Step 3: On the outer lower half of the nylon webbing, thread one of the sliplock buckles.

Step 4: Fold the chain in half and slide the two loose ends onto the nylon webbing.

Step 5: Double the nylon webbing over and pass back through the sliplock buckle.

Step 6: Thread the other loose end through the sliplock buckle and reinforce both ends with E6000 glue.

Step 7: Press down to dry and feel free to reinforce the glue with some hand stitches through the webbing. Finally, repeat this process for the other end of the strap.

4. 70's Style Camera Strap

- 2 yds cotton webbing
- Masking tape
- Acrylic craft paint
- 2 swivel hooks
- Fabric glue
- Needle and thread
- Metallic leather or vinyl (optional)

Step 1: Measure out the desired length of your strap and add 2 inches.

Step 2: On a work surface use tape to create a geometric design taking care to make sure tape is fully adhered to the webbing. We used the rounded side of a bone folder to smooth the edges on the tape to be sure our paint line were crisp.

Step 3: Now the fun part, apply paint to webbing. Be sure paint is dry before attempting to remove tape. Watching paint dry is a skill that takes practice.

Step 4: Now that your strap is looking amazing, slide the ends through the swivel hook giving yourself about an inch of strapping on the reverse side and glue. Be sure to give the hook a little bit of space to move when gluing.

Step 5: Because you’re hanging your beloved camera around your neck add a few stitches to the glued area for good measure!


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