Friday, 17 May 2013

Tips to Grow Your MISI Shop In Spring!

I know the spring is generally considered the ‘slow time’ of year for many crafters and artisans. Craft shows aren’t as bumpin’, and it’s really hard to sell as much as you would during the holiday season when shoppers are loading up on gifts. Although this is true, I think this time of year has a lot more potential than meets the eye.

Spring is the time when cherry blossoms bloom, electric green leaves appear and everything is shiny and new. I think it’s also a time when our brains are bursting with new ideas and inspiration. It’s time to plant some biz seeds that will sprout into opportunities and success!

1. Get super clear on what you want to accomplish this year. This can be difficult because there are so many options, but take out your favorite notebook and let all your ideas flow. Pay close attention to how you feel about each of your goals. Do you feel inspired or tired? If you are not super excited about something, it’s better to just leave it on the back burner or scrap it all together. When you focus on what lights you up, it’s amazing how everything else lines up.

2. Clean up and organize your space. I know, I know…I sound like your mom, but it’s truly amazing what an organized workspace will do for your mental health! What you feel on the inside is a direct reflection of what you see on the outside so you want to make sure your studio or workspace gives you the creative energy you need as an artist. Make it a gorgeous space that inspires you and makes you feel good inside. If you are not naturally a gifted organizer, perhaps you could enlist the help of a friend who is. Bribe them with wine and sparkling conversation because who can say no to that?!

3. Re-connect with your customers. When you are so busy trying to do a million things, it’s easy to neglect your customers. This is not good, because without these lovely people, you don’t really have a business. Customers love to be acknowledged and appreciated so reach out and connect with them. Tell them what you’ve been up to and what you have going on in the next little while. If it makes sense, offer them a coupon that they can use online or at the next craft show you will be at. They want to hear from you! Also make a point of chatting up your regular customers at craft shows. Typically spring shows are less congested with shoppers so you have more of an opportunity to have a conversation. Ask them about their experience using your product and if they have any feedback. This information is gold so make sure you quickly write it down.

4. You know all the stuff you have been putting off for the past 6 months…DO IT! Again, sounding a bit like your mama, but you will feel amazing and your business will flourish. If you are not clear what you have been putting off, take a mental time machine back 5 months ago. Did you wish you have new signage, better hangtags, an opt-in on your website, sexy business cards, gorgeous product photos?? Yep, you know what I’m talking about! When we are busy it is so easy to put things off until ‘someday.’ To be a successful creative entrepreneur you have to get in the habit of doing. It’s one thing to have the best intentions and ideas (most of us do) but to really step up your game, do what you say you are going to do. You won’t believe the difference this will make on your business and your life.



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