Thursday, 23 May 2013

10 Reasons to Start a Craft Blog if you Sell Online!


Are you still unsure whether to start a craft blog! You won't be after you read this!

  1. Promote your shop for free!
  2. Focus your ideas - write it down for everyone to see, this really makes you think hard about each descision.
  3. Motivation - having people eager to see what you do next helps you get on with it!  
  4. Display more detailed information, images and background for your craft work than can be displayed in an online 'market place'.
  5. Become part of a 'crafting community' - make some like minded online friends through commenting on and following each others blog posts.
  6. Feedback - recieving feedback from fellow crafters or potential customers can be enormously rewarding.
  7. Increase your confidence by writing about yourself and your crafts. The confidence you gain through blogging could be really useful in other 'real-life' situations like craft fairs.
  8. A blog  is much easier to promote than the static pages of a website as the content is dynamic and can be designed to attract a target market.
  9. Sharing your crafting skills with others through tutorials and tips can be a great way of raising your profile in the crafting community and bringing traffic to your website.
  10. Writing a craft blog is great fun, you will make new friends from all over the world and it will increase your computer literacy too!


  1. Thanks for the reminder.. Lets get blogging xx

  2. Thanks for the motivation, blogs are great to connect with the crafting community and find out the behind the scenes tips.