Tuesday, 14 May 2013

5 Everyday Uses Of Nail Polish

Everywhere we look, it seems like a new nail art trend pops up. But aside from creating beautiful manicures, did you know that polishes can be used for a bunch of other non-nail tasks too? Here are five unexpected (and super handy!) ways to use them in your everyday life: 

1.) Organize your keys: For those of you with a jumble of keys on your keychain, this is an easy trick to help you distinguish which key goes where. Unhook the keys from your keychain and paint the tops of them different nail polish shades. For example, pink can be to your house, purple to your work, etc. You can even get more creative with patterns or use glitter – just coat one side of the key with glue, sprinkle with glitter, then let dry and seal off with a coat of clear nail polish! Or just use glitter polish :)

2.) Smooth over splinters: I think we can all agree that splinters are the worst – they’re painful, hard to get out, and can even snag your clothes. An easy solution is to just paint over any rough edges in your furniture or wooden hangers with a dab of clear nail polish. It will smooth over the splinters and prevent your clothes – and you – from getting pricked.

3.) Prevent tarnishing: As much as I love fun costume jewelry, a lot of it ends up tarnishing after only a few uses. I learned this trick from a friend, and now I do it with all of my cheaper jewelry! Just paint a clear coat of nail polish inside your ring or the back of your earring and voila – no tarnishing or leftover green tint on your skin!

4.) Stop runs in your tights: The dreaded jagged line in your tights might feel unavoidable, but you can stop runs in their tracks just by using clear nail polish. The next time you see a tear start forming, grab a bottle of polish and dab some over the torn area – it will prevent the tear from getting bigger, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch it early and your tights will be saved! This also works for any clothes that you have that have started fraying.

5.) Seal envelopes: Save yourself from having to lick the icky glue most envelopes come with and seal with a thin line of clear polish instead! This is especially helpful when you are sending invitations, which require you to send and seal a bunch of envelopes in one sitting. 

Have you ever tried any of these tricks? What are some other ways you like to use nail polish around the house? Share your tips with me below!


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