Monday, 2 December 2013

How to Engage your Facebook Fans ~ Part 4

Are you looking for new ways to engage your Facebook fans?
Do your current Facebook engagement tactics need a little more flare?
Your visibility in the news feed depends on engagement like never before.
If your page is experiencing a drop in engagement, using different post types and making a few content adjustments can bump it back up.

#8: Join the Conversation On the Go

A large portion of successful social media relies on carrying on a consistent conversation with your audience. If you work on the go, but only manage Facebook from your desktop, you risk being out of the loop when important conversations happen.
Facebook administrators don’t need to be tied to their desk in order to post an update or respond to fans. The Facebook Page Manager for iOS and Android devices lets you check your page activity, view Insights and respond to fans right from your mobile device.

#9: Know What to Include in Images

While many businesses are incorporating images in their updates, it’s a good idea tosee how different styles of images affect your engagement on Facebook.
An interesting research study conducted by Taggs suggests retail brands need visual content strategies that take into account their unique brand identity, objectives and audience.
Tagg reports:
  • Users prefer to see pictures of retail products without people, making it easier for them to visualize wearing or having an advertised product.
  • Casual images that show partial body shots like hands and feet are associated with higher Facebook likes.
  • If your retail business has a unique brand asset comprised of people such as the notable models at Victoria’s Secret and A&F, then images of people may indeed help boost engagement.
Experiment with images that show your product without people using them to increase engagement on Facebook. Remember to compare the engagement for both types of images in Insights and adjust accordingly.
In these two examples from Old Navy, there’s a striking difference in engagement.

#10: Launch a Competitive Intelligence Campaign

Facebook sheds interesting light on what other brands are doing and can provide valuable competitive intelligence information.
You can check out how your competitors are using their business Facebook page and what their customers like and share, then apply successful strategies to your own page.
For example, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts got on the pumpkin bandwagon with an update welcoming pumpkin spice and the month of November. Several days earlier, Dunkin Donuts acknowledged National Pumpkin Day and received far more likes and shares.
Based on the response that Dunkin Donuts received, it’s fair to assume that Krispy Kreme should consider recognizing National Pumpkin Day in 2014.


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