Wednesday, 16 October 2013

DIY Frosted Garden Lanterns

Whether you’re planning a garden party or looking for a way to add ambiance to everyday, garden lanterns are THE way to add just the right twinkle of warmth and illumination to your outdoor space.
And when they’re this easy and fun, you may have trouble knowing when to say when.

Tools needed:

Glass jars
Adhesive-backed shelf liner
Assorted leaves
Frosted glass spray
Wire (optional)

Trace the leaves onto the shelf liner and cut out with scissors.

Remove the paper backing from the shelf-paper leaf shapes.

Press them securely to the outside surface of the glass jars in a pleasing arrangement.

Spray, according to product instructions, all over the outside of the jars.  Allow to dry.

Remove the adhesive shapes.

If you want to hang your lanterns, cut a piece of wire the length of the circumference of the jar mouth plus some for twisting plus your desired handle size.  Twist wire around the mouth of the jars, below the threads.  Bend the wire over the jar in a handle shape and twist onto the wire on the opposite side of the mouth.
Fill jars about a third full with sand and push a candle into the sand to secure.  Wait for nightfall, and enjoy the romance.

More interesting tutorials from littlehouseinthesuburbs.

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