Thursday, 10 October 2013

Simple DIY Glitter Lamp

I found one very interesting YouTube video on how to make your own glitter lamp. It's simple project, but it can be very messy.

glitter lamp finished

Materials that you'll need are: Mod Podge, glitter, foam brush, lamp, and spray sealer (to keep the glitter from flaking off).

Materials for glitter lapm

Start by mixing mod podge and some glitter. When you sprinkle the glitter onto the inside of the lamp later on, it will adhere more easily. Cover entire surface of the inside lamp.

Cover entire surface with mod podge

Sprinkle glitter on the inside of the lamp. Try to coat entire inner surface and put the newspaper down so you can easily collect glitter later.

Sprinkle glitter

Final step is to seal everything with spray. Wait 3-4 hour for the lamp to fully dry before using it.

glitter lamp

glitter lamp night

Visit Julia's YouTube channel to find more creative and simple DIY projects.


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