Wednesday, 15 January 2014

5 Ways to Blog from your Mobile Device ~ Part 2

Do you need to blog while on the go?
Would you like to have the ability to blog from your mobile device?
In this article, I’ll show you what you need to run your blog from your mobile device.

#3: Photo Blogging With Flickr

While emailing posts can be convenient, attaching and getting multimedia to display properly on your blog can be challenging.
That’s where a photo portfolio site like Flickr can come in handy, allowing you to kill two birds with one email send: double-publishing mobile photos to a photo-sharing service like Flickr, as well as to your own blog.
The Flickr publish-by-email feature is great for review posts, where photos often carry the post.
Use Flickr to publish photos from your mobile device to your blog.
And if you use an automated feed service such as Feedburner to syndicate your blog to your social networks, those six keystrokes can also generate a tweet and Facebook post that spread the word and kick off the link-building process for you automagically. All in 30 seconds or less!

 #4: Video Blogging via Mobile

Video blogging isn’t quite as quick as photo blogging via mobile, because it takes more time to process videos, but it’s become a lot easier thanks to the evolution of WordPress and YouTube.
As we know, the WordPress app allows video uploads straight from your phone, but did you know WordPress allows you to embed a YouTube video by simply pasting the YouTube URL into your blog editor? That means a video blog can be published via mobile in these easy steps:
  • Upload your mobile video from your gallery to YouTube, using default sharing functionality from your iPhone gallery.
  • Copy the YouTube URL once it’s published.
  • Paste the URL in the body of your next blog post.
A surf shop recently followed this model, and was able to shoot and publish a viral Surfing Sasquatch video and photo gallery all in the same day using nothing more than iPhones and an iPad. They also edited the video on their iPad equipped with iMovie, which is another great, easy-to-use video editing app worth picking up.

As you can see, today you can build a blog via your mobile device.
Use these tips to build a blog where you only share short-form content, or to add short-form content to keep your business blog active while you are away from your desk.
Keep in mind that these mobile blogging options may help you publish content faster than your competition or larger mainstream sites. For example, this can help you be the first to cover breaking news at events and increase your visibility within your industry.
What do you think? Have you used your mobile device to blog? What have been your challenges and successes? Please share your comments below.


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