Friday, 17 January 2014

Valentine's Day: 28 Days ~ 5 DIY Adorable Cards

Whether you want to make a sweet and fun Valentine to present to your kiddo or give a sentimental card for your sweetheart, we've found some extra special ideas to spark your imagination.

Read on to learn how to make five adorable DIY Valentine's Day Cards from 3-D cards to cute card kits.

1. Pop-Up Cards

When you really care, you just have to get all up in their faces -- and these pop-up cards pack a (loving) punch. Read more

2. Buttons Heart Card

Show off your crafty side and send a card that’s actually made from home. Read more

3. Make-Your-Own Cards Kit

 Package a cardstock heart, bejeweled brad, red crayon, and a blank card in cellophane. Include assembly instructions. Read more

4. Sweet Valentine Cards

It's hard to resist Valentine's Day suitors when they come bearing sweet treats. Read more

5. Valentine Fortune Tellers

Making these clever Valentine's Day cootie catchers is easy-peasy. Start by printing the free PDF pattern. Read more

Happy Crafting!

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