Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Valentine's Day: 30 Days ~ 6 Super Cute Cupcakes

As if Valentine’s Day weren’t sweet enough already, we have 6 super cute Valentine's Day cupcakes to add even more sweetness.

1. Light Valentine Cupcakes

Make these light-as-a-feather cupcakes with their pretty pink decoration for someone you love. Read more

2. Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Multicolored Frosting

With flavors such as red velvet and chocolate-glazed, these Valentine's Day cupcakes are filled with love. Arrange them as a heart for a festive presentation. Read more

3. Letter Perfect Idea

Put down that messy piping bag! Here's an easier way: Glaze alphabet cookies with thin icing, then sprinkle with colored sugar. Perch atop frosted cupcakes. source

4. Cupid’s Arrow Cupcakes

To make these love struck cupcakes, you just need to insert a 6-inch lollipop stick through the top part of the cupcake papers. Read more

5.Valentine Cocktail Cupcakes

A fun twist to serve cupcakes.. Bake them right in the martini glasses, but you could certainly change the glass, as long as it’s glass and not plastic. Read more

6."I Choo-Choose You" Cupcakes

Need a treat for a school party? Get on board with these choo-choo cupcakes. To save time, your child can assemble the trains on waxed paper while you prepare the cupcakes. Read more


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