Thursday, 16 January 2014

Valentine's Day: 29 Days ~ 5 Ways to Countdown to Valentine's Day!

Think countdown and advent calendars are just for Christmas? Think again! Countdown to Valentine's Day this year with this fun, cute and easy DIY craft you can do with your kids!

1.  Hearts & Tags

The great thing about this craft is that you can customize it completely.. Spend the day making this cute calendar with your kids and create a fun way to count down to February 14th! Read more

2. Celebrate Love

The magnetic Valentine’s tins include a message to the kids each day that tell them one of the reasons they are special and why they are loved. Read more

3. Sweet Ideas

Fill out 14 cards with sweet ideas, and put one card inside each envelope. Open one envelope daily, and complete the task on the card together. Read more

4. Paper heart chain

Count down the days until Valentine's Day in style with a handmade paper heart chain. Read more

5. Cute DIY Calendar

Are you ready for some Valentine cuteness?! Write a message in the little cute envelope, fold it and add a number on it. Read more

Happy Crafting!


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