Friday, 24 January 2014

Valentine's Day: 21 Days ~ 6 Romantic Table Decoration Ideas

The Day of those who are in love is coming soon, the Valentine Day is coming soon. So, let make some decoration for our dining table for Valentine. In that way you will surprise your love and make her/him feel loved and important to you. It amazing, isn’t it.

1. Memory Keeper Table Setting

Set the table for romance. Before you give the journals to your loved ones, inscribe their names in the journals along with appropriate sentiments, poems, or memories. Read more

2. Heartfelt Center

Simple beauty, that’s what makes this arrangement so appealing. What you need: Egg cup holders; and button roses. Read more

3. Valentine Mail Pouch Tutorial 

Attach these cute pouched to the chair backs in your house and let the kids deliver love notes for Valentines Day. Read more

4. Seclusion With Curtains

To achieve an ethereal illusion of romance and private ambience, hang sheer white curtains over the table. Read more

5. Dish Decor

This can be a nice red dinner table linen that can be placed on top of the table – this might help to set a romantic mood and make sure you complete this with a nice table runner as well as some lovely napkins. Source

6. Candle Decor

Always have a candle or two set up on the table – this builds to the romantic feel, though don’t overload the table with candles, just one or two at the most. Source

Happy Valentine's Day!


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