Wednesday, 8 January 2014

You Voted: What was your Inspiration for your Shop's Name

Nothing is more important in the beginning stages of your indiepreneurship than choosing your name. It is the link to the impression your business gives to the world, your brand.

Last month we asked you what was your Inspiration for your Shop's Name:

And you answered:

It seems that most of our crafters choose their name, inspired by their personal information and others from their crafting category or the area they specialize in.

Let's take a look at some answers of yours:

"It's a bit of a combination. Partly it's a reference to hubby, and partly to what the Wombles did - recycling stuff. I try and recycle/reuse as much as I can: zips, buttons, fabric, cards, containers, furniture etc, so in that respect I am working in a Wombling way." - WomblingWay 

"Mine is a combination, Monz being short for my name and Creationz as I work with various crafts and so Monz Creationz came about." - monzcreationz 

"I chose the funky part to mean fun and a little bit different and the frippery, meaning adornments, so that I could expand my range in the future to other 'adornments' not neccessarily jewellery, but maybe things for the home too! I have lots of ideas just need to organise my family and time better, and lack of space is a hinderance, but hopefully not for much longer." - Funky Frippery 

"Mine is a cross between my name paulines and passions because I am so passionate about the things I create I love the way things come together and the satisfaction of making things for people." - paulinespassions

"Just made mine up as I'm always busy (who isn't these days!!!) I'm no 6 footer, and I love (and own) chickens!!Simple really....bit like my avatar!! : )" - Busylittlechicken

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