Monday, 20 January 2014

Valentine's Day: 25 Days ~ Fun Facts about Roses

In our Valentine fun facts section, we look at the meaning behind the colour of roses; and also all those strange superstitions which surround meeting Mr and Mrs Right...

Say it with flowers

Roses have long been the flower of choice for Valentine's Day. They are closely linked to love, but beware, each colour sends out its own message apparently, so choose wisely...

White rose: You're heavenly or I'm worthy of you. Innocence and purity are also inferred.

Yellow rose: An offering of joy and gladness. Sometimes it means jealousy.

 Red rose: I love you, as well as having respect and courtesy for you.

Burgundy rose: You are bestowed with unconscious beauty.

Pink rose: You have grace and gentility.

Dark pink rose: An offering of gratitude and appreciation.

Light pink rose: An offering of admiration or sympathy.

Coral/orange rose: A sign of enthusiasm and desire for the recipient (most often given to men by women).



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