Thursday, 3 October 2013

3 Easy & Fun Fall Crafts with Leaves

Have the leaves started chang­ing color in your neigh­bor­hood yet? You can go outside, pick up the best leaves and showcase them on some beautiful and easy DIY Crafts.

1. Fall Leaf Prints

Mak­ing leaf prints is a clas­sic art activ­ity. We all love see­ing the bright col­ors com­bined with the famil­iar fall leaf shapes. This one is so great for kids. Read More

2. Leaf Frames and Art

Mix and match leaves for a mantel full of fall crafts. An old cigar box showcases a multihue leaf display. On the wall, leafy greens seemingly grow out of a pair of birch photo frames. Source

3. Wax Fall Leaves

Since using wax to preserve fall leaves has been all over the internet lately, you can do this beautiful craft too (with a help of you kids)! Read More


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