Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Countdown: 1 Day ~ 6 Last-Minute DIY Costumes

If Halloween snuck up behind you this year and you still don’t know what to wear you can still go out and haunt the town with one of these last-minute costumes made from supplies you probably already have.

We gathered for you 6 Easy Halloween Costumes that will can totally help your little boos and ghouls fit in with the rest of the trick or treaters.

1. Cheerleader Costume

Hip, hip, hooray! The crowd will go wild for this cheerleader and her very cheer-full ensemble. Read more

2. Graveyard Ghost Costume

If a skeleton is just anatomy, and not really all that frightening, scare up some real fun with this graveyard ghost kids' Halloween costume. Read more

3. Stick Figure Costume

Become a human stick figure with a monochromatic outfit and a contrasting tape color. Make a mask from poster board and string. 

4. Artist Costume

Emulate a renowned artist in pint-size form this Halloween. All it takes is a little artistic license. Read more

5. Mime Costume

 This no-sew Halloween costume using bandana is adorable, easy to make and super inexpensive. Read more

6. Spa Princess Costume

Going door-to-door can be a taxing enterprise, so why not let your 'tweenager combine work and relaxation with this spa costume? Read more

And If you don't feel crafty, you can browse our Halloween Gift Guide


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