Thursday, 17 October 2013

DIY: Turn Fall Leaves Into Fun Animals

All it takes is some embroi­dery floss or a marker to turn fresh fall leaves into a fun project for you and the lit­tle ones!

It’s time to head out­side and hunt for inter­est­ing leaves… Here are two great ideas for you and your kids to use fresh leaves as a can­vas for embroi­dery or press them and draw fun ani­mal friends!

Draw­ing on Leaves

Leaves are great for draw­ing ani­mals with ears, such as foxes, cats, and eagle owls. I rec­om­mend using leaves from tulip and maple trees or from a com­mon grapevine.


  • Leaves, pressed in a book for a cou­ple of days 
  • Marker, black and white

drawing on leaves

Stitch­ing On The Leaves


  • Fresh leaves work bet­ter than dry ones: I used leaves from a grapevine and wal­nut tree 
  • Blunt nee­dle 
  • Scis­sors 
  • Embroi­dery floss
stitch­ing on the leaves

Read more about this creative project on Handmade Charlotte.

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