Thursday, 31 October 2013

#3 Facebook Tips: Improve your Facebook Engagement

Are you looking for fun ways to get your Facebook fans engaged?

Wondering how other pages are developing their posts to increase likes, shares and comments?

1) Share Quotes

Quotes are great for engaging people’s “Me, too!” feelings. On Facebook this is especially powerful as the Like button makes it easy for fans to express that feeling. A quote can associate your brand with good feelings and create a deeper connection with your market on Facebook.

Just like Apple used imagery of iconic 20th-century personalities in its “Think Different” campaign, you can use quotes from icons to reinforce your company’s brand.

Disney uses quotes from their feature films to inspire, relate to and create funny moments with their audience. Each quote is posted with a full image to increase engagement.

Tips for quotes on Facebook:

Tie your brand to quotes that support your campaign goals.
Use visuals and memes with your quotes to increase shareability—a few good sites to create memes are Quickmeme, Imgflip and Memecrunch.
Find quotes on and The Quotations Page, or use a #quote hashtag search on Facebook or Twitter.

2) Use Hashtags

A relatively new addition to Facebook, hashtags use categorized terms behind a # symbol to increase brand, product and campaign awareness to wider audiences.

Sephora uses the hashtag “#OneQuickQuestion” to open up engagement for a campaign beyond the reach of their current fans.

Tips for #hashtags on Facebook:

Use tags to create awareness and engagement for specific marketing campaigns such as contests or product sales.
Use common terms such as #socialmedia in your hashtags to increase post dialogue and visibility.
Search for hashtags being used by your customers, competitors and partners to find keywords and conversations you can participate in.


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