Wednesday, 2 October 2013

You Voted: Handmade or Factory-Made Products?

This is a question that has crossed all of our minds at some point and the decision is not always obvious or easy to make.

Last week we conducted a poll on our forum, asking you what products do you prefer and the clear winner is: Handmade!

Award Skills & Craftmanship

You clearly opted for handmade products and that says a lot. Handmade items have a deeper meaning; by buying something that is not machine- mass manufactured you directly support the artist who created the item awarding his skills and craftsmanship, some things that are not present in the world of large scale manufacturing.

Of course no one can deny that handmade items are somewhat more expensive than a similar mass produced item, but the quality of the finished product is much higher and don’t forget a handmade product is always unique - even if the crafter makes a whole line of same items!

Make Us Better

We live in a fast selling and buying world with huge malls and shops and we are “encouraged” to be consumers and not producers. This way we forget the connections we have to the real source of our goods: the human source. Shouldn’t we be more interested in the source of the things we buy? Knowing who made something and where it came from, adds value both to the product and the buyer! -so next time you want to buy something, think twice ;)

Cost vs Satisfaction

As we said the handmade items are more expensive but don’t forget another factor that comes into play especially after the buy is made: the satisfaction. In the last paragraph you saw that a handmade product adds value not only to the item but to the buyer too. Handmade items come with a story even if that story is not the most mysterious or romantic, they do have one and knowing its place of origins and what the crafter had in mind when he made it, will give you a much deeper satisfaction after the purchase than any other mass manufactured item.

Obviously, don’t get me wrong, we can’t always buy handmade products: be the price, be the convenience of the mass production...but every time you have that little bit of extra time, that little bit of inner inspiration, opt for a handmade product and you will see how a much more rewarding experience it is, for you and the crafter!

So for now: keep calm and enjoy MISI


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