Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Office Halloween Decor

I love decorating for Halloween, but figuring out a way to make my whole apartment look spooky is a little daunting. So I decided to make my desk at work look extra special this year, since I spend plenty of time there and I know my coworkers will appreciate it too. Here's what I did.
This work station is in our craft room so there is plenty of desk to work with. Here are the supplies:
IMG_5308 2
Hanging skeleton
Skeleton silhouettes
Furniture clings
Wall clings
Decorative tape
Bat silhouettes
Happy Halloween garland
I used the adhesive foam dots which are included in the package to stick on the skeleton hands and the garland. The dimensional bats are hanging with a little bit of invisible fishing line and masking tape.
The wall clings create a spooky graveyard scene behind the desk. I love how the moon peeks out from behind the monitor! The furniture clings adhere great to the file cabinet so it looks like a happy jack-o-lantern. I used some double sided tape to put on the decorative "do not enter" tape around the edge of the desk.
The hanging skeleton is the perfect size to take my place in the chair.
IMG_5393He's a natural!
Here are some other fun work stations from around the office.



I hope your work space gets a little Halloween love this year!
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