Wednesday, 23 October 2013

You Voted: How Much Do You Expect to Spend on Halloween

Traditionally, in the United Kingdom, Halloween has always taken a back seat to other holidays. However, in recent times it has absolutely catapulted in popularity. Most likely due to the wave of American television programmes being shown in the country which tend to really push Halloween.

Halloween is now the third largest retail season after Christmas and Easter, with Brits likely to pay out £315-325 million on costumes, confectionary and pumpkins, according to Planet Retail.

Last week we conducted a poll regarding the household expences for this year's Halloween and here are the results:

It seems that our crafters know what's up and they will plan wisely their Halloween budget. But let's take a look on what's going on in the UK.

UK shoppers are expected to spend more than £300 million celebrating Halloween this year, analysts predict.

The influence of the US and the availability of a wider variety of spooky-themed products have contributed to a steady rise in Halloween spending over the last decade, according to the analysts.

Brits paid just £12 million for Halloween goodies in 2001. This year's estimate is significantly up on the 2012 figure of £285 million.

In the run up to October 31 supermarkets have been filling their shelves with Halloween-themed cakes and sweets and many now stock a range of fancy-dress costumes for all ages.

"The Americans might have popularised Halloween as a retail phenomenon, but when it comes to inventive and humorous costumes, no one beats the British."

"Halloween has moved from being just about pumpkins and trick or treating into a much broader social trend, influencing every aspect of retail, with e-books becoming the latest sector to benefit from the general public's October appetite for the spine-tingling and the macabre."

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Have a Happy Halloween!


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