Thursday, 7 November 2013

#5 Facebook Tips: Fun Ways to Improve your Engagement ~ Games

Do you need to increase the visibility of your Facebook page posts?

Are you looking for fresh ideas to quickly create engagement on your Facebook page?

In this article, you’ll discover four ways you can create better engagement on your Facebook page using social game.

Why Games?

If you’re tearing your hair out worrying about the number of fans interacting with your Facebook business page, moderating your page may not be much fun. Worse still, you may be missing out on getting to know your fans on a deeper level.

The good news is that initiating simple social games on your page’s timeline gives your page interaction a boost.

Social games on your timeline encourage comments, shares and likes, and build a sense of community around your brand. Plus, as a side benefit, they are also a lot of fun for you and your fans.

Initiating social games is good for your Facebook page.

Using your business page timeline to feature fun social games creates community among your fans and brings them back to your page over and over again, giving them more opportunities to get to know you and your brand.

#1: Take Your Best Guess

With the recent changes to the Facebook Page Guidelines, businesses can now run competitions on their timelines. For information on the latest Facebook policy, check out our post here.

You can choose to run the “What’s Your Best Guess?” game as a timeline competition with a prize or simply to create engagement. Admittedly, it’s more fun for your fans if there’s a prize on offer.

How the game works.

Buy a quantity of anything you think will interest your fans. You can choose candy, buttons, balloons, branded promotional items like golf balls or even toys. Fill a jar, then take a photo of the jar and post it to your business page timeline.

If you don’t offer a prize, all you need do is post the image with the words: “What’s your best guess? Post your answer in the comments below.”

If you run the game as a competition with a prize on your page’s timeline, you’ll need to ensure you comply with Facebook Page Guidelines and be very clear about what the prize on offer is so there’s no confusion for your fans.

As there is just one correct answer, let people know what happens if there’s a tie. If there’s only one prize, an easy-to-implement tiebreaker is to simply state that whoever posts first wins.

See who posted first on a page by looking at the time stamp on each comment. You may also want to put a time limit on the game so people know to post their answer within a specific time frame. This will encourage fans to get in early and makes it easier for you to administer the game.

#2: Ask the Next Friend

“Ask the Next Friend” is a fun and simple game that quickly builds camaraderie and community.

How the game works.

Simply kick-start the thread by posing an “either/or” question and state that the next person to comment should answer in one word, then pose their own “either/or” question.

Next week, we'll be back with 2 more fun games you can organise.


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