Friday, 15 November 2013

Fabulous Fridays...The Interview ~ Indigo Aana

Guess what: Friday is here and we are back with another new Interview for you. Today we have the pleasure to present you: Indigo Aana

She is a really multi-talented artist; just take a look at her inspired creations: bracelets, rings, necklaces and other women jewellery.

She also has a beautiful voice as you'll discover soon!

Let's meet her:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself/ introduce yourself. Besides crafting what else do you love doing?

My name’s Stevie. I drink lots of tea and to make a living I do waitressing, however I’m musician. I studied music for three years and I’ve written and released an E.P in May 2012. I’m currently working on my second record which is why I’m not gigging at the moment. I love music!

2) How did you start crafting and how long have you been doing it?

My music is what got me into jewellery making. I was trying to come up with unique merchandising ideas and decided to make little bracelets that I incorporated my song titles into. I realised how much I enjoyed it, but because I was so focused on the music and my studies I never had time to take it further. Now that I have finished studying I decided to pick it up again this year, around July.

3. What are the problems you faced as a crafter until now? Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking to start or is new to the crafting business?

Finding suppliers for me was quite difficult and still can be. I’m limited to one shop locally and the rest I have to get online. Getting recognition was also pretty hard at first. Marketing and networking are really important factors and I have been lucky to have great friends and family helping promote me through social networking sites. I’d recommend promoting yourself as much as possible, through the internet, posting flyers into houses and supermarkets and get a logo/trademark. I’ve got my own design that I am having put on some clothes and I also label everything I post with my design. People will soon recognise your work that way.

4. What's your favourite crafting category? Do you have in mind to start crafting something else (besides your usual crafting category)?

Well the jewellery category is my favourite. I love to see what beautiful things others are making and then challenging myself to learn a new technique from what I’ve seen, the possibilities are limitless. I have been looking to do other crafts recently especially for the festive time of year. I’m going to attempt some candle making, toiletries and some fabric/felt work.

5. What is your main source of inspiration? How do you propel your creativity?

My inspiration comes in big bursts and I want to try lots of things at once! Then other times I get nothing at all. When I see other people being creative it really motivates me to do the same. I’d much rather be making a lot of jewellery than sitting in front of the T.V, although sometimes a break is needed! Craft books and YouTube tutorials are a great source of inspiration for me also. When I read up on something I didn’t know I really want to go try it out. Colourful things definitely help my creativity flow!

6. Tell us about your crafting space. Do you have a favourite material and tool?

My dining table is my workshop at the moment and I still, somehow end up needing more space! My favourite materials and tools depend on what mood I’m in. At the moment I’m having fun experimenting with resin, there is so much you can do with it and I’ve just scratched the surface. I like polymer clay also, but only in small doses!

7. So your crafting space transmutes to an online shop. How do you promote your e-shop, which social media you use? 

I only use Misi as an e-shop as it seemed more interesting than a lot of others I came across. Then I have an actual website people can purchase from, but most people get in touch to purchase through Facebook. Facebook is my favourite for promoting, it’s just so easy to use and has a lot of cool features you can add to your page. I also use Instagram. I prefer this to twitter because it’s the use of pictures instead of words. You can # tag your photos and share them on all your other media sites simultaneously. I have pinterest, tumblr and twitter also.

8. How long after listing an item into your e-shop you had your first sale?

Unfortunately I haven’t sold anything on Misi yet. However, the first creation I ever sold was an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired necklace and it was sold through my Facebook page within a couple of days of the page going ‘live’. I was really surprised!

9. Where do you see your business in 10 years from now?

I’d love to have a little ‘Indigo Aana’ shop one day. But because music plays a big part in my life it is hard to say what will happen as I’d love to have a career in music. I’ll always make jewellery though, even if it remains a hobby.

10. How did you find MISI? What else would you like to see being added to the site?

I found out through a friend. She saw some pictures of the jewellery I had made and emailed me about your website. After checking out the site I thought I’d join in! , I think the site is great, the admin team really get involved with the sellers and I love the forums. I think a really handy feature would be when selling an item to have options for colour choice/size e.t.c. I have 3 of the same necklace on my Misi shop in different colours as I couldn’t see a feature for this. - we will pass it on ;)

Thanks for your time Stevie, we wish you all the best!

As promised check her in one of her own songs:

Isn't she amazing?

Other profiles/pages:

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  1. Lovely that you can combine both loves, music and making.