Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Countdown: 29 Days ~ 6 Creative Nativity Ideas

If you’ve been brainstorming some Christmas DIY projects, you should add a Nativity to the list. Pull out the clay, pipe cleaners and wood to start making one of these 6 DIY Nativity Scenes…

1. Polymer Clay Nativity 

Grab some clay and shape it to form your nativity people. It is pretty simple.. They are made of a round ball of clay for their heads and then a cone shaped body. Read more

2. Homemade Creche

Crafted from pipe cleaners and yarn, this homemade creche is kid-friendly (after all, there's no right or wrong when it comes to folk art). Once your family learns the basic technique, they'll enjoy improvising! Read more

3. Drawn Nativity Stable Scene

This project takes a bit of time, but it is one that you can keep for years.  The older it gets, the more you will value it.  It could become a Christmas keepsake and tradition. Read more

4. Wooden Doll Nativity

This is a perfect little durable nativity that your little kids can play, without you worrying about them breaking something. Read more

5. Small Nativity Set 

This simple and inexpensive nativity set was made using 2 x 2 wood blocks and furniture knobs. Add a gift tag and they make terrific gifts. Read more

6. Nativity Tree

This simple activity is a lovely way to explore the characters from the Nativity during Advent. Read more

Happy Holidays!

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