Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Countdown: 26 Days ~ Creative Handmade Stockings Ideas

Brimming with gifts on Christmas morning, beautifully decorated stockings are a delight to wake up to. 

Handmade stockings are much better because they really invite stuffing. 
They can be made of felt, burlap, old sweaters and socks and many other materials. Some of them need to be sewed while some other are much more easy to make.

 Here are some tutorials that might help you with that.

1. Personalised Stocking

Make sure Santa knows who he's delivering too, with big initials. Read more

2. Nutcracker Stockings

Whether nostalgic about the classic ballet or discovering it for the first time, everyone is sure to love these Nutcracker-themed stockings. Read more

3. Country-Style Stocking

This country-style Christmas stocking decorated with pretty buttons and embroidery is guaranteed to become a family heirloom! Read more

4. Advent Calendar Stockings

Create little stockings by cutting craft paper with a pattern, then glue them all to a board for a fun calendar.

5. Dog Paw Stocking

Pets need stockings too! Sew pieces faux fur together to make this darling paw. Read more

6. Sugar Plum Fiary Stocking

You can really do anything with this stocking. Use with candies as sparkly embellishments. Read more

7. No-Knit Sweater Stockings

Don't toss that old sweater. Instead, repurpose it as custom stockings for the entire family. Read more

Happy Crafting!


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